Atomic Autosports Showcases Expertise with Stunning Club Spec Mustang Build


At Atomic Autosports, our passion for precision and performance recently took center stage at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show in Indianapolis. There, we unveiled a project that was not just a car but a testament to our team’s expertise and dedication. The highlight of our display was the Club Spec Mustang, a vehicle built in collaboration with Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company and the Sports Car Club of America® (SCCA).

The Genesis of the Club Spec Mustang

The Club Spec Mustang initiative by SCCA aims to make competitive racing more accessible, allowing anyone passionate about motorsports to participate. With a low barrier of entry and affordable costs, the Club Spec Mustang program offers an excellent opportunity for enthusiasts to get into competitive racing without significant financial hurdles.

Under this innovative concept, enthusiasts can build a race-ready car adhering to a standard set of rules that ensure performance, competitiveness, and reliability across several racing events.

Our journey began when Goodyear selected us to transform a 2005 Ford S197 Mustang GT into a beacon of Club Spec standards. The build was spearheaded by our shop owner, Bill Snow, and senior technician Matt Harbert—an SCCA competitor himself. Their expertise and contributions from Dan Dennehy-Rodriguez, SCCA’s Manager of Partner Relationships, ensured that the Mustang met and exceeded Club Spec specifications.

The Build Process: A Blend of Precision and Speed

Transforming the stock Mustang into a Club Spec contender was an exhilarating challenge that we completed in under 10 hours—a testament to the skill and efficiency of our team. The vehicle was equipped with top-tier components, including:

  • Strano Performance Parts and UMI Club Spec sway bars and suspension kits,
  • Goodridge G-Stop Brake Line Kit,
  • Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs,
  • KONI Sport Struts,
  • Hawk Performance Brake Pads,
  • and notably, Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperCar 3 tires on Enkei PF-01 wheels.

Each modification was carefully chosen to enhance the car’s handling, braking, and overall performance, proving that high-quality parts are integral to superior results.

Beyond the Build: Real-World Performance

The test came at the Goodyear Proving Grounds in Akron, Ohio, where Dave Ogburn, a seasoned SCCA racer and Goodyear test driver, put the Club Spec Mustang through its paces. The improvements were immediately apparent, with enhanced grip, reduced understeer, and a more engaging driving experience. Ogburn’s feedback was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the car’s capability to handle the rigors of competitive racing.

Looking Ahead: A Bright Future in Racing

The success of the Club Spec Mustang is not just a win for Atomic Autosports but a promising development for the racing community. This project underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation in automotive performance.

We invite all racing enthusiasts and potential collaborators to read more about this exciting build in the detailed article published by SCCA. Discover more about the Club Spec concept, our role in this pioneering project, and the thrilling future of this Mustang on the SCCA’s official platform.

Atomic Autosports, we’re not just building cars but crafting experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a newcomer to the track, our doors are always open for you to explore the world of competitive racing with a team that thrives on passion and precision.

To learn more about this exciting build, check out the SCCA’s article

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