Time Trial @ Nelson Ledges Road Course

How great is it to be back at Nelson?

There’s a lot of buzz going on around the new SCCA Time Trials events and we have one coming to Nelson Ledges Road Course in Garrettsville Ohio. The event is scheduled for June 29, 2019.

Time trial type events have been gaining popularity over the past several years as track days and high performance driving experiences have taken off. Time trial events allow competitors to take the step from autocross and track day participant to on track competitor without getting into full door to door racing. Entrants to time trial events are racing against themselves and the clock.

How Will Your Car Be Classed?

There are five different classes or categories for your car. What’s nice about the SCCA’s Time Trials format is that there aren’t dozen’s of car classes, just five. Simple, right?

The rules seem to be easy to follow once you’ve identified which category you fit into.

Learn more about the SCCA Time Trial classing here –> https://timetrials.scca.com/pages/classmycarh

Do You Need A Special License?

Short answer, yes.

However, it’s not difficult to get the license. Individuals wanting to participate in an SCCA Time Trials event must have a valid driver’s license and either have a valid competition license or apply for a Time Trials license. You’ll also need an SCCA membership – they do offer weekend memberships.

SCCA Time Trial LicenseScreenshot of SCCA Time Trails Website

For SCCA members, applying for a Time Trial license is easy. Answer a few questions and you are good to go. You’ll receive an email confirmation and your updated membership card will be mailed to you. With new stickers of course! 🙂

scca time trial licenseEmail confirmation of my Time Trial License Request

If you are not an SCCA member it is my understanding that entrants will work with local officials during the event to be placed into the correct group.

So what groups are there?

Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Pro licenses are available.

I know that for the Nelson Ledges there will be instructors available for those that need them. The Neohio region is very lucky to have many, qualified instructors that know the Nelson Ledges Road Course and how to give good instruction to those needing it.

For more information on obtaining an SCCA Time Trial license, click here. SCCA Time Trial License

More Than Just Cars On Track

The Neohio region of the SCCA is working to make this an event that will be more than just cars on track. From vendors to car corrals, door prizes and lots of fun – this is a great way to see what happening in motorsports in Cleveland.

Ready To Learn More?

The event registration is not yet open, but there’s a Facebook Event created for it.

Time Trials @ Nelson Ledges

Be sure to either choose ‘Interested’ or ‘Going’ and you’ll get all of the latest news regarding the event.

This post originally appeared on Bill’s Car Stuff and has been republished with permission.