Bill Snow Is A Track Day Tire & Continental Tire Brand Ambassador Which Means You Can Save Money

Looking for new track day tires? Check out the new ExtremeContact™ Force

Continental has released their new  ExtremeContact™ Force (ECF) as an ultra-high performance competition tire which is perfect for track days and endurance racing (WRL, AER, and ChampCar). Autocrossers will also find this tire to be a great choice to put down some quick runs.

The tire is rated for 200 UTQG competition (TW200) and is designed to provide more consistent lap times, have longer tread wear, and provide good wet track grip. 

What’s This Brand Ambassador All About?

Track Day Tire and Continental were looking for brand ambassadors to work with drivers and teams to better understand the ECF tire. With Bill’s background in racing and motorsports, being an owner of prep shop, and his Late To Grid podcast, they thought he’d be a good fit for the program. Bill joins several other ambassadors across the country.

Bill will be sharing his advice and experiences regarding the tire while using it at various track days and endurance racing events.  Check our YouTube channel for updates.

Now The Money Saving Part

A cool benefit of this program is that Bill can offer you a B3G1 offer. That’s right! Buy three and get one free.

Here are the steps:

  • Go to
  • Shop for the Continental ExtremeContact Force tires you need
  • Add four ECF tires to your cart
  • Go to checkout and use code: SnowVIP

It’s that simple!

If you have questions about the tire or this program, call us at 216-329-4005, or contact us here.