Late To Grid: E1 – Let’s start a podcast


Friends since high school, Bill Snow and John Thorne both have careers in the automotive industry and they still play with cars.  So why not have a podcast talking about their car projects while interviewing industry insiders?

In Episode 1 Bill and John talk about the name, Late to Grid, and John’s team name of procrasti-Racing and how they met in high school.   Not only were they both cross country runners, but they both a Z cars.  John a 1984 300ZX Turbo and Bill a 1982 280ZX.

The name, Late to Grid?  Well, Bill and John are always running late and their track cars are never ready for the event!  Hence, they are always late to grid.

What’s funny is they don’t have the time to record and produce a podcast – so how will this impact their car projects?  You’ll have to listen to find out.  Speaking of funny, John is a stand up comic!

Join these guys are they give podcasting a try.